LUMIPHIL comes from the latin words luminare, meaning illuminate or “a light-giver”, and philos (greek: φíλος), meaning beloved.

LUMIPHIL is a company that develops and manufactures species-appropriate lighting for pets and for other special applications. Most lighting products developed for the industry sector are not suitable for this purpose. We use our longstanding experience, both in the biological and in the technical domain, to develop lighting products that suit the needs of various types of pets. In addition to this, we improve existing lighting products. By working together with different universities we optimize our products.

We offer our customers two different services: OEM and ODM

• If you chose an OEM service, you can buy a product that is fully ready for the market. The advantage for you is that you only have to put your label on the product, which means it can be sold rapidly.

• If you need a more individualized solution, we plan an ODM product for you, according to your needs. That means you will have a product that perfectly meets your requirements. This applies both to technical and design requirements. The advantage of this is that all products from your range can have the same design according to your CI.

Our Team with more than 15 years of experience in Asia is also able to offer a consultant service for almost any industrial sector. Our services are aligned to your needs and we support you during all phases of product and business development. As a consultant, we define ourselves as reliable partners and thus, place great value on close exchanges and contact with our customers. Our team are at your service in our headquarters in Hongkong as well as in our offices in Cologne (Germany) and Zürich (Switzerland).



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